Free Access to Information

Technical University of Košice (hereinafter referred to as TUKE), as obligated person established by law in accordance with section 5 of Law No. 211/2000 Collection of Laws on free access to information and amendments to certain laws (information freedom law) publishes the following information:

Technical University of Košice was established by government decree No. 30/1952 Collection of Laws concerning some changes in the organization of higher education institutions effective from September 1, 1952 as Košice Technical College. Based on the Law No. 94/1991 Coll. of Laws with effect from April 1, 1991 the name changed to Technical University of Košice. Currently, the Technical University of Košice is in accordance with law No. 131/2002 Coll. of Laws on higher education institutions and on changes and supplements to certain laws, as amended, a public higher education institution.

Information concerning the establishment of TUKE, its authority, competence and description of the organizational structure is published in the TUKE Statute, TUKE Organizational Regulations and TUKE Rector's Office Organizational Regulations in (TUKE basic internal rules ).

Information concerning the establishment of TUKE faculties, their authorities, competences and organizational structures is published in the statutes of individual faculties:

faculty statutes

Information about the location, time, method of obtaining information, i.e. where you can make a request, suggestion, complaint or other submission, information on the place, time limit and process of filing an appeal and the possibility of judicial scrutiny of TUKE decision, including requirements that must be met, application process for access to information, including time limits, individual document forms as well as fee tariffs can be found in the TUKE internal regulation – P/TUKE/SPI/09 dated December 15, 2009 Free access to information and in the annexes.

Overview of other regulations, guidelines, external and internal documentation, which TUKE is governed by, is published in the Quality management system documentation:

Lists of valid internal documentation issued within the quality management system:

  1. List of Rector's Directives
  2. List of Organizational Directives
  3. List of Bursar's Methodical Instructions
  4. List of Operating Rules
  5. List of Organizational Rules
  6. List of Statutes

Information on real estate and movable property with an acquisition price higher than 20 times the minimum wage, which was owned by TUKE and with the ownership passed to another person who is not a public authority, is TUKE obliged to publish in accordance with section 5, subsection 6 of Information Freedom Act.

Contracts concluded by TUKE, which TUKE is obliged to publish in accordance with section 5a of Information Freedom Act, are published in the Central Register of Contracts managed by the Government Office of the Slovak Republic:

Product and services orders , which TUKE is obliged to publish in accordance with section 5b, subsection 1 of Information Freedom Act and product and services invoices, which TUKE is obliged to publish in accordance with section 5b, subsection 1 and 2, are published continuously for five years from the publication date.

Price list for long­‑term rent of business premises

To calculate rent the category of real estate under annex Real estate categorization must be determined.
Based on the established category of real estate it is necessary to determine the purpose of rent in accordance with annex Rent price list to calculate rent.
Rent does not include the cost of supplied media, they are determined case­‑by­‑case.